Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (welcoming transition with an open mind)

Anthony Carr is a contemporary artist from the UK. Since finishing at Winchester School of Art, he’s been devotedly following his art interests while at the same time helping other artists do the same. He spent 13 years in one of the most productive and highly valued art markets in the world – London, when together with his wife he decided to move overseas and start afresh in Canada. His life was just falling into place when 2020 came along and brought an unforeseen new shift.

I wanted to hear how he took this long transition, and learn what happened with his artwork in the meantime.

Anthony Carr is a valuable voice of one more culture, British, in my Liminal World project. He is one of those rare people who leads with an openness that is for me more of a life gift than a personality trait. As I was learning about this jack of all trades, instead of seeing it as a lack of his determination or his rashness, I ended up looking at it as his unique ability to integrate various interests, art practices, life circumstances, and different ways of being. I consider his openness to be a strength, especially in current times of constant change.

More about Anthony Carr:

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