Danas Nam Je Divan Dan_cover_Feb16.inddIn April 2018. I published my first book “Today is a Wonderful Day.” 

When I registered it, I included it within a group of personal journeys. The book encouraged me to look back on my life and remind myself of its many stations. The story begins in the early 80s and the years of my carefree childhood.  It evolves through the 90s and my youth, marked by the devastation of the country I was born, social and personal changes. The final chapters reflect a new decade when my life took a new direction. I focus on events that influenced my development, my subsequent choices and decisions, which finally led me to the point where I am today.

Two women helped me to complete my book and prepare it for the public release: Dragana Ćećez-Iljukić, who had done proofreading and made all corrections, and Irina Spica, who had been its designer. I participated in every step of its creation and in the end, I decided to publish the book myself. I started self-publishing business which I named Liminal World.

The book is written in Serbian language and published in two formats: paperback ( Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book depository…) and an e-book (Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Tolino, 24symbols, Scribd).

My plan is to translate the book into English.