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Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (teaching music as a life skill)

Natasha Pashchenko grew up in Russia as an only child, loved and sheltered by her devoted mother and grandmother. Music was part of her world since the very beginning. “A house without piano is not a house”, she mentioned, explaining to me that music was an inseparable part of Russian society and cultural values which were implanted in her being. It seemed that it wasn’t the question if but rather when she would be enrolling into music school herself like many others she knew.

Natasha took a long road to create a life she is living today. From Russia to west coast Canada, from being provided for to becoming a self-guided entrepreneur, from being able to read notes to making a community by teaching music to kids and adults.

I enjoyed meeting her in her Good Music Studio, listening to so many details and twists in her life journey, talking about her teaching philosophy but above all learning how she was able to face the global crisis with resilience and willingness to share her ideas, resources and values with others.

If you want to learn more about Natasha Pashchenko or get in contact with her, check out her website:

Natasha is also Classical Guitar Ambassador and works as an Ensemble Director of Victoria Guitar Society:

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