Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (cross-cultural journeying)

Shannon Perkins Carr is a 3rd generation Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver. Since she was a young adult, she played in bands, wrote songs, and gigged as a musician. As one would guess, she dreamed of going on a tour and performing around the world.

Her dream partly came true when in 2008 she moved with her band mate to Great Britain and continued gigging in clubs and bars in London. But very soon, her life took a completely different turn.

Like her ancestors, newcomers to Canada did many decades ago, she herself became an immigrant and had to build her life up from scratch. While still keeping music close by, she bravely opened some new doors, and her life unfolded in a way she never thought it would.

I was more than interested to hear about her journey and learn about the person before me.

While preparing this video, among many interesting details I collected, Shannon said something about immigration that grabbed my attention. I truly believe it is the best summary of the process millions of people are facing every day. It is a life where you constantly walk along that fine line between cultures, and do your best to keep balance between authenticity and flexibility, yourself and others.

Thank you Shannon for making me feel seen and understood.

You can find more about Shannon’s work at:

DISCLAIMER: I have said something regarding vaccination in Victoria that has to be revisited. As of Wednesday, July 28th, 91.4% of doses delivered to British Columbia have been administered. But, so far, around 73% of all population received first dose, and 57% are fully vaccinated. I made a mistake when commenting on the situation of reopening in Victoria(cc47min). I apologize for it.

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