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On Trauma and Transformation in “Searching for Persephone”              

(A friend of mine had recently published her first book and asked me to be her guest speaker at her book launch. I had a hard time deciding which topic to choose: I admire her courage to follow her inner voice and create such a moving story; within a year and a half she walked… Continue reading On Trauma and Transformation in “Searching for Persephone”              

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An expedition called self-publishing

Before the time of Covid-19, I used to go to the local cafeteria once a month and listen to various writers sharing their stories. After self-publishing my book in 2018, my book designer and friend suggested this would be a good way to connect with like-minded people, so I gave it a try. These events… Continue reading An expedition called self-publishing


I belong here

I clearly remember the day when I first said: "I long to belong." It was during one of those everyday moments. I was playing a game with my daughter that she had brought from Kindergarten. The game was often on her list of homework and we practiced it in different situations. (For example, while we… Continue reading I belong here