website2aNataša Ćećez Sekulić was born in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Europe. 

She comes from a tribe of searchers, those who long to take different paths in life. They need to venture, explore and experience everything which comes their way before they stop and realize what it is they want to devote themselves to.  

Since she could remember she was transforming the experience of the world and reality into stories, most of the time through lively and jolly oral narration. The idea to write down one of her own appeared suddenly and without knowing in which direction it would take her. She discovered in this endeavor that it’s true what they say: we’re not the ones writing the story but it is the story which writes us. She is grateful for every moment of this process, mostly because, in the end, she felt she is, finally, coming home. 

Her book in Serbian language (Danas nam je divan dan) was an inspiration for her to start this blog. 

She lives with her family in Victoria, Canada.


( – completed University of Belgrade where she got degree: professor of Serbian language and literature)

– lived and worked in different countries and societies: Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Canada; in different industries and job positions: travel industry, private school, IT companies.

– in 2018, she wrote and self-published her memoir in Serbian language (English version still in progress)

– in 2018, she started a blog and published stories in both languages (Serbian and English)

– in 2020, she created a global online conversation Liminal World with the wish to connect with people from all over the world, hear about their current experiences and get to know them better. Instead of waiting for the new world to unfold on its own, she decided to create one by planting a seed of the world she wants to see us all living in; world of mutual respect, acceptance and understanding.

– in 2021 she (re)wrote and self-published her memoir in English language: The Journey to Bring Back Play

– as a volunteer she is involved in local school and film community)