Creating visual stories for you

When I use a term – visual stories – I don’t think of promo videos. Although I like their short and powerful messages and often react to their inspiring pictures or camera shots, if I am interested in the product, service or some goal, I always want to know more. Going deeper, understanding better the person or idea one’s delivering, learning about the process behind the scene or how it affects the other, is where my interest lies.

When I self-published my book in 2018, I made my first visual story. I had to find a way to spread the word about it. I never wrote anything in my life prior, so I didn’t know where to start or whom to ask for advice (I personally still don’t know Canadians immigrants who write in their mother tongue or in English as their second language). I followed my instinct, which newcomers usually do, and I made what seemed like a first logical step. I put on paper what I thought was important to say about myself and my book, and I found a cameraman to help me match those lines with pictures. Soon enough, the first visual story was born.

Since then, I made several of my stories and learned more about the process: how to tell the story and create the atmosphere, how to work with participants, choose an outfit, collaborate with cameraman, edit the video…  

During the time of Covid-19, I created the Liminal World project. I spoke with everyday people and shared stories about their life journeys, their struggles and accomplishments. I wish I had the opportunity and resources to make visual stories out of those talks (I envisioned them as short doc movies). I truly believed each participant and his/her story was a valuable and meaningful example of our human tribe.

I would now want to offer my service to people who live on Vancouver Island as this is the only place I can work with client face-to-face.

If you want to create your visual story, I can help you with:

  1. storyline (plot or scenario, which means knowing what you want to say and how to do it)
  2. scenography (places/stages/backgrounds for your story)
  3. outfit

As every product/book/activity/service is different, most of the stories will be custom made. I can’t predict the time and energy we’ll invest in it before I hear your thoughts/wishes/ goals. After that, I’ll give you an estimated price for my service. Contact Natasa today.

I also have a cameraman with whom I usually work, and who will be a member of our team. Should you decide to work with us, you need to know that his costs are not included in my service and will be added to the final price.

When you decide to share your story, get in contact with me so I can start visualizing your story. I look forward to working with you!