Liminal World

Liminal World: Russia

Liminal World: Russia (a personal story of classical guitarist, and his journey through pandemic)

I read many times about people who are like Rovshan Mamedkuliev, but only had a few opportunities to meet them face to face and share parts of their life journeys.

Rovshan Mamedkuliev found his calling at the age of 11, when he first touched the guitar and started studying music. Since then, he has built an impressive career by performing around the world, winning over 20 national and international awards, and by teaching at the classical guitar department in the Maimonides Academy and prestigious Gnesin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow.

While discovering the person behind this great success, I was utmost intrigued by his complex personality(Russian-Azerbaijan family, who lived in different locations and in various life circumstances), and also by his innate gift to joyfully share himself with the rest of the world.

I appreciated his readiness to come up on my stage and just be Rovshan, and enjoyed listening about his love for classical guitar.

You can find out more about him on these links:

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