Liminal World

Liminal World: Netherlands

Liminal World: Netherlands (working/leading from home) Nikola is joining us from the city of Den Bosch in central Netherlands. He will first introduce us with the current situation in his province/town. Then we’ll talk about his working-from-home experience. As an engineer and a project lead he has faced some challenges but he also found his… Continue reading Liminal World: Netherlands

Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (senior life) Ms. Jovanna is meeting us from Victoria, on Vancouver Island. As this corona virus took the greatest toll on the senior population, I thought I should knock on her door and check how she is doing. Ms. Jovanna is quite active, and outgoing person and I was eager to hear… Continue reading Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World, Process of learning

Liminal World: Croatia

Liminal World: Croatia (an earthquake in the midst of lockdown and quarantine) In this first episode we’ll visit Croatia. We are going to meet Ivana who’ll walk us through her first days of quarantine. At the beginning of March she changed the biggest performance stage in Croatia for the isolation in Zagreb. Those days were… Continue reading Liminal World: Croatia

Liminal World

Liminal World

This March I wanted to start a project which I named “Liminal World”. My project was supposed to be a mosaic of stories all about the process of immigration and everything person goes through while living in between two worlds. I am drawn to this topic, because I feel like I’ve been in some sort… Continue reading Liminal World


I belong here

I clearly remember the day when I first said: "I long to belong." It was during one of those everyday moments. I was playing a game with my daughter that she had brought from Kindergarten. The game was often on her list of homework and we practiced it in different situations. (For example, while we… Continue reading I belong here

Canada, Process of learning

Cabbage, Rice pudding, Goulash and Pro-D Day

A couple of years ago I spoke with my mother over Skype.  - So, she is sleeping? - she asked. My mom was waiting to see her granddaughter. - Yes, she fell asleep half an hour ago. She didn’t sleep well last night. She woke up several times and probably needs to sleep now to… Continue reading Cabbage, Rice pudding, Goulash and Pro-D Day


The Lieutenant Governor of BC

 - Am I a woman? - it was the first question I asked.  - Yes - he replied.  - Am I a representative of a political party? - I was aiming towards the only answer I knew. - No - he said, and all of the people turned to look at the next person.  There… Continue reading The Lieutenant Governor of BC


Float Houses

Although I had the chance to see many beautiful objects on the riverbanks of my hometown – restaurants, nightclubs, bars, vacation homes etc. – it was from my very first sight of this new neighbourhood that I was impressed. Every now and then, I would make up a reason to go for a walk by… Continue reading Float Houses