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Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (from knowing and valuing yourself to finding your place in the world) When Gabriela Casineanu immigrated from Romania, Europe to Canada in 2003 she was prepared for the transition. "Canada matches my personality" she said, explaining that she felt comfortable jumping into brand new career and life opportunities. After finding that she… Continue reading Liminal World: Canada


Block street party

One afternoon on the way back from the park with my daughter, I met Yvonne. She was standing in front of the house with her son. I had never seen or met her before but I recognized the boy playing on the sidewalk. We used to spend our mornings with him and his nanny at… Continue reading Block street party

Canada, Process of learning

Be a tourist in your hometown!

– Imagine a stranger – suddenly my girlfriend and I got the idea.  – Imagine that he decided to come to our city – I added sarcastically that he was, for sure, out of his mind. Maybe he didn't know what he was getting into?! My friend from childhood laughed. She was always more realistic.… Continue reading Be a tourist in your hometown!