Vancouver- The Literary event

Six years ago, Dragana Stasic held the first literary event in Vancouver to enable individuals from the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina) to promote and present their work.

This year, on October 13th she hosted for the eighth time in a row.  The proposed topic for the event was “Then and now, here and there.” She managed to gather and coordinate different individuals and groups from Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle. Some came to read excerpts from their novels and some came to sing, while others came to share their paintings. We also had the chance to hear the exciting plan for starting a book collection on former Yugoslavia languages in the Burnaby library.

I participated as a special guest. For the first time, I had the opportunity to publicly read parts of my recently published book in my Serbian language, as well as to share my experience and thoughts with other authors. 

I want to congratulate the organizer, Dragana Stasic for the successful evening and thank her once again for the invitation and support.

Dragana Stasic
Knjizevno vece_4a
Natasa Cecez-Sekulic

Knjizevno vece_4

Knjizevno vece_4c

Knjizevno vece_7
Slavica Slavnic

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