Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (student life during Covid-19)

Riddhi is an international student from India who came to Canada in 2016. to study chemistry. Although being in her teens, this young woman was ready to start living on her own, and determined to work hard to accomplish her academic goals. For the first 3 years her busy student life was filled with lectures, courses, lab time, and many volunteering opportunities. As she likes to say, she was living on campus, and loving every bit of it.

Spring 2020. change her everyday life. She was fortunate enough to continue with her study, take online classes, and complete her lab project at home but the whole experience brought her so far unknown struggles, and mixed thoughts and emotions.

I wanted to hear how she was dealing with this change, and was glad when she decided to share her experience with me.

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