Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (starting an online global project)


During the work on my project I was asked to make my own story about the reasons why I started this online conversation. There are of course many like: joy of connecting with other, learning and sharing different ways of coping with life situations, staying closed when its needed, being part of something bigger that yourself. But there is ONE reason that keeps me going forward, even when the project seems to be too big and complex for completion. And that reason is personal. Liminal World was born out of my personal journey from one sudden collective trauma and extreme change to this new one. Everything I’ve experienced, felt or came to understand is my never-ending motivation.

Video was made by markokoerbler@com

I want to give special thanks to the people whose photos I used for my video: Marko Koerbler, Branislav Strugar, Edwin Hooper, Julian Wan, Jeremy Stenuit, Zhang Kenny, Macan Photo Agency, Marcus Spiske, Alexas Fotos, Siora Photography, Eric Mclean, Shane Rounce, Hello I’m Nik, Kaleidico, Mimi Thian.

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